A Science VC Blog

July 19, 2010

I wanted to start a blog to share thoughts, questions, ideas around how we translate science in the lab into the real world.

My personal passion is working with brilliant researchers and entrepreneurs to build companies around their visions. The reasons to do this are pretty simple… I get to:

  1. help change the world (hopefully for the better)
  2. help scientists and entrepreneurs realize their goals and create wealth for all of us (doing so means that my investors will let me build even more companies that can change the world)
  3. hang around with really smart people
  4. the science is fun

Subjects that I plan to cover in this blog include:

  • entrepreneurship and the commercialization of scientific research
  • trends at the intersection of science and the startup world, particularly life sciences and clean energy
  • how researchers and entrepreneurs can understand and interact with VCs

As a VC, I know that many great ideas and companies change course based on what the market tells them.  The best ones are those that can quickly adapt and pivot toward the business model or market that maximizes success.  Similarly, the ideas about science, commercialization, markets, that are expressed here are my thoughts at a point in time but I reserve the right to adapt as I go and change my mind.

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