December 6, 2011

Lately, I’ve had a board meeting and several pitches done via GO TO MEETING. I hate it. Are entrepreneurs concerned about the possibility of their presentation being emailed around (which we would not do without asking anyway)? Or are they not want me to page ahead?  My feeling is that GTM takes the excitement out of learning something new, eliminates my ability to page forward or back to see if something will be covered later or to check a number that was presented earlier. It relegates the audience to a movie watching experience rather than an interactive discussion and my concern, when GTM is used in a pitch, is that it may indicate a larger misunderstanding: that investors are passive and should be reported to rather than collaborated with.

Let your presentations be a bit more freeform when you are pitching and leave the VC with the feeling that you have had a conversation rather than a lecture.  Sure, you risk the VC being distracted and reading a different slide than the one you are on but that’s because the VC thinks it is more interesting than the one you are on – knowing that is valuable.

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