Following up on the idea that Corporations are moving quickly in AI/ML

August 10, 2017

I had a conversation with an entrepreneur yesterday who was trying to sell a data science product as well as machine learning services to pharma companies.  He was scratching his head over the fact that all of the companies now have an in-house data science teams that he has to compete with.  This is a single data point but it supports the idea that corporations are moving fast into AI/ML (and the related conclusion that point  [non-full stack] solutions are not going to be that interesting BECAUSE they can be developed in-house or by the current incumbent software vendor).

One thing I wonder about is whether these corporations are just thinking the same thing as many entrepreneurs – “how can I get some AI/ML technology” – when it may be more important to figure out where they can build a data castle (aka data moat or data plume: a data advantage that grows larger over time, perpetually outrunning the competition).  Good short articles about it here and here.

Some other links, added as I find them:

Anthem build data science team largely from retail industry.


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